API RP 557:2000 pdf download

API RP 557:2000 pdf download

API RP 557:2000 pdf download,Guide To Advanced Control Systems.
API RP 557 addresses the implementation and ownership of advanced control systems for refinery purposes. The major sections of this recommended practice are described below.
Figure 1.1 illustrates the major functions involved in the efficient and economic operation of a refinery and shows where advanced control fits into this scheme. Advanced control systems form a fundamental building block on which many of the other functions depend.
API RP 557 describes commonly used practices for the opportunity identification, justification, project management, implementation and maintenance of advanced control system applications in refinery services.
API RP 557 is not intended to specify the use or selection of any particular technique over another, nor is intended to describe specific applications. It may be used as the basis for defining the work processes and common functions required to define, implement and maintain advanced control system applications.

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