API RP 5SI pdf download

API RP 5SI pdf download

API RP 5SI pdf download.Recommended Practice for Purchaser Representative Surveillance and/or Inspection at the Supplier
1 Scope
The purpose of this Recommended Practice (RP) is to provide guidelines for the surveillance and/or inspection of API products at supplier locations. This Recommended Practice establishes a set of general guidelines addressing the protocol between purchas- ers, suppliers and the purchaser representative for surveillance and/or inspection by the purchaser representative. This Recom- mended Practice is a general document for use at the request of the purchaser of API products. This document is intended to provide only general guidance to the industry. The issue of the roles and responsibilities of the parties is a subject that should be addressed as part of negotiations between the purchaser and the supplier. Included as a part of this document are product specific appendices. Processes other than those included will be considered for inclusion in this Recommended Practice. Persons desiring to have other processes considered shall submit a request to the “Com- mittee on Standardization of Tubular Goods.” This Recommended Practice addresses the relationship and responsibility of the purchaser, suppliers, and purchaser representa- tives regarding surveillance and/or inspection of products from placement of the order or the pre-production meeting, as appropri- ate, through the point of title transfer from suppliers to purchasers. The use of the document by the parties is voluntary and it is merely intended to provide general guidelines on issues that should be addressed by the parties. This may include activities such as laboratory testing, nondestructive testing, dimensional verification, coating, shipping, handling/storage or other related activities. This RP is not intended to conflict with those inspection activities outlined in other API documents. In case of a conflict, the other applicable API Document shall prevail.
3 Definitions
For the purpose of this Recommended Practice, the following definitions apply: 3.1 purchaser: The party responsible for both the definition of requirements for a product order and for payment of that order. 3.2 purchaser representative: The organization, surveyor, inspector, auditor and/or other, either hired or appointed to act on behalf of the purchaser. 3.3 purchaser representative inspection: Duties that include overall monitoring and/or random checks along with detailed verification and witnessing of purchaser-designated processes or product attributes. This is accomplished through confor- mity evaluation by observation and judgment, at the specified or appropriate level, by measurement, testing or gauging. 3.4 supplier: Producer, processor, manufacturer, distributor, retailer or vendor of a product, and/or provider of a service. 3.5 surveillance/survey: Duties that include overall monitoring and spot-checking of a supplier’s process and product. This is accomplished through conformity evaluation by observation and judgment accompanied, as appropriate, by measurement, test- ing, gauging or other objective evidence. 3.6 third party inspector: A commonly used phrase generally referring to purchaser representative (see 3.2).
4 Responsibilities of the Parties
All parties involved with surveying and/or inspecting product should have clear and defined responsibilities in addition to the fol- lowing: 4.1 RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER The purchaser should establish through purchase orders, specifications, preproduction meeting minutes, or other written commu- nications the responsibility of each party based upon the following: a. The purchaser should select the purchaser representative and the survey and/or inspection level required. b. The purchaser should establish the protocol as to the responsibilities and authorities of the purchaser representative. This pro- tocol should include communications of relevant information to all parties. c. The purchaser should ensure that clear documentation of the agreement between the purchaser and the supplier is provided to the purchaser representative, such as: an un-priced copy of the purchase order including any exceptions and/or applicable specifications. d. The purchaser should determine the need of a pre-production meeting and should ensure that the purchaser representative is either represented at the meeting or is fully advised, either verbally or in writing, of agreements made between the purchaser and the supplier at the meeting. It is recommended that the purchaser representative attend the preproduction meeting where possible.

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