IEC 82045-1 pdf download

IEC 82045-1 pdf download

IEC 82045-1 pdf download.Document management
1 Scope
This part of International Standard 82045 specifies principles and methods to define metadata for the management of documents associated with objects throughout their life cycle; This cycle generally covers a range from the conceptual idea of a document to its deletion. The established principles and methods are basic for all document management systems. This part is intended as a general basic standard in all application fields and provides the framework applicable for part 2. International Standard 82045 is primarily intended as a resource for the use in computerised systems such as Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) or Product Data Management Systems (PDMS) for the management, retrieval, storage and selection and archiving of documents, and as a basis for the exchange of documents. NOTE – Part 2 of International Standard 82045 provides the collection of data element types associated with an information reference model, which may be used in conjunction with the presentation of metadata on documents.
3 Definitions
For the purpose of this part of International Standard 82045, the following terms and definitions apply. 3.1 General 3.1 .1 object entity treated in the process of design, engineering, realisation, operation, maintenance and demolition NOTE 1 The entity may refer to something, which is either physical or non-physical or to a set of information associated with it. NOTE 2 Depending on its purpose, an object may be viewed in different ways called “aspects”. [IEC 61 346-1 , modified] 3.1 .2 aspect specific way of selecting information on, or describing, a system or an object of a system NOTE Such ways may be – what the system or object is doing (function viewpoint); – how the system or object is constructed (product viewpoint); – where the system or object is located (location viewpoint). [IEC 61 346-1 ] 3.1 .3 data medium material on which data can be recorded and from which they can be retrieved [IEC 61 355, 3.1 ] 3.1 .4 data reinterpretable presentation of information in a formalised manner suitable for communication, interpretation or processing NOTE Data can be processed by human or by automatic means. [ISO/IEC 2382-1 :1 993] 3.1 .5 database collection of data organized according to a conceptual structure describing the characteristics of these data and the relationships among their corresponding entities, supporting one or more application areas 3.1 .6 information model; conceptual schema implementation-independent specification of information structures 3.1 .7 electronic document management system (abbr. EDMS) computer-based application dealing with the management of documents throughout the document life cycle 3.2 Document related issues 3.2.1 metadata for documents data for the description of documents and their management 3.2.2 content subject information of a document 3.2.3 document fixed and structured amount of information that can be managed and interchanged as a unit between users and systems [ISO/IEC 861 3-1 , modified] NOTE This unit may not necessarily be human perceptible. Information is usually stored on a data medium. 3.2.4 documentation collection of documents related to a given subject NOTE This may include technical, commercial and/or other documents. [IEC 62023] 3.2.5 document part part of a document having a function of its own [IEC 62023] 3.2.6 aggregated document document containing separately identified documents (parts) that are logically dependent but can be physically independently managed NOTE An aggregated document has its own metadata. 3.2.7 compound document document consisting of several embedded files in a specified file structure 3.2.8 document set collection of documents that are managed together as a unit for a specific purpose NOTE The metadata of the document set describes which documents it consists of. The set has its own metadata, but not its own content.3.2.9 document life cycle period from the conceptual idea to the logical and physical deletion of a document 3.2.1 0 document version identified state of a document in its life cycle, recorded so that it can be retrieved as a record or for distribution purposes 3.2.1 1 document revision formally approved document version 3.3 Product related issues 3.3.1 product intended or accomplished result of labour, or of a natural or artificial process NOTE 1 A product usually has a part number, order number, type designation, and/or a name. NOTE 2 A technical system, plant, or services can be considered as a product. [IEC 61 346-1 ]

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