IEC 62090 pdf download

IEC 62090 pdf download

IEC 62090 pdf download.Product package labels for electronic components using bar code and two-dimensional symbologies
1 Scope and object
This standard applies to labels on the packaging of electronic components for automatic handling. These labels use linear bar code and two-dimensional (2D) symbols. Labels for direct product marking and shipping labels are excluded. Labels required on the packaging of electronic components that are intended for the retail channel of distribution are also excluded from this standard. Bar code and 2D symbols markings are used, in general, for automatic identification and automatic handling of components in electronics assembly lines. Intended applications include systems that automate the control of component packages during production, inventory and internal distribution.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. IEC 601 94, Printed board design, manufacture and assembly – Terms and definitions ISO/IEC 1 541 7, Information technology – Automatic identification and data capture techniques – Bar code symbology specification – Code 128 ISO/IEC 1 541 8, Information technology – EAN/UCC application identifiers and fact data identifiers and maintenance ISO/IEC 1 5434, Information technology – Transfer syntax for high capacity ADC media ISO/IEC 1 5438, Information technology – Automatic identification and data capture techniques – Bar code symbology specifications – PDF417 ISO/IEC 1 5459, Information technology – Unique identification of transport units ISO/IEC 1 5459-1 , Information technology – Unique identification of transport units – Part 1: General
3 Definitions
For the purpose of this publication, the following definitions apply 1 : 3.1 component electronic or electrical parts (e.g. bare printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, capacitors, diodes, electronic modules, switches, heat sinks, resistors, electronic/electrical connectors, etc.) used in a first level assembly 3.2 component packaging commercial unit of components defined by the supplier including, if applicable, their means for protection, structured alignment or for automated assembly NOTE 1 TYPICAL EXAMPLES (see B.20). NOTE 2 For the purposes of this standard, the term “component packaging” includes a multiple of the above, e.g., four reels in one box. 3.3 country of origin manufacturing country wherein the product obtained its present identity as a part, subassembly, or finished product. The definition of “country of origin” should be in line with local regulations.
4 Label data content and requirements
4.1 Data elements 4.1.1 General The label format accommodates both mandatory and optional data elements. This standard does not supersede or replace any applicable safety or regulatory marking or labelling requirements. This standard is to be applied in addition to any other mandated labelling requirements. The labelling requirements of this standard and other standards may be combined into one label or appear as separate labels.The number included in character count is exclusive of overhead characters such as start and stop characters, data identifiers and any other characters required by a standard symbology specification to properly encoded data. All data elements encoded in a machine-readable medium shall be preceded by the appropriate ISO/IEC 1 541 8/ANSI MH1 0.8.2 data identifier. It is recommended that data structures used to identify products or the traceability of products include identification of the organization providing the coding as well as the specific coding structure. This coding structure uses the Issuing Agency Code (IAC) established in ISO/IEC 1 5459-1 and the Company Identification Number (CIN) assigned by the issuing agency.4.1 .2.1 Item identification Item identification may be assigned by either the supplier or the customer. Either the customer item identification or the supplier item identification or both may be shown on the label as agreed between the trading partners. If both are shown on the label, at least one of the two item identifiers shall be encoded in a machine-readable symbol. It is recommended that the item identification assigned by the customer be the same as the item identification used on the purchase order. The supplier’s part number shall be used for item identification in the absence of a different agreement between trading partners. The maximum length of this data element is given in Table 1 . The item identification data field should be in one of the formats below. These identifiers represent the most frequently used formats for product package. The complete list of possible item identification codes can be found in ANSI MH1 0.8.2.

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