IEC 62079 pdf download

IEC 62079 pdf download

IEC 62079 pdf download.Preparation of instructions – Structuring, content and presentation
1 Scope
This International Standard provides general principles and detailed requirements for the design and formulation of all types of instructions that will be necessary or helpful for products of all kinds ranging from small, simple ones, such as a tin of paint, to large or highly complex ones, such as a large industrial installation. It is intended for application by − product manufacturers, technical writers, technical illustrators, software designers, translators or other people engaged in the work of conceiving and drafting such instructions; − authorized representatives of the product manufacturer in the country of product installation and/or usage. It will also be helpful in contract negotiations between the product supplier and the customer. This standard does not establish a fixed amount of documentation that has to be delivered together with a product. This would obviously not be possible because this standard has to be valid for all kinds of products but the amount of documentation very much depends on the complexity of the product. Therefore, this standard lists all possible kinds of instructions one can think of. What this standard does aim to standardize is how such instructions are to be prepared.
3 Definitions
For the purpose of this International Standard, the following definitions apply. 3.1 change activity that alters an original, a revision, or supplement of the product, or incorporates a change request into the design, and as a result establishes a new version of the product [ISO 1 0303-203, modified] 3.2 commissioning procedures prior, or related, to handing over a product ready for putting into service, including final acceptance testing; handing over of drawings, instructions for operation, maintenance and repair; if necessary, instructing personnel 3.3 guard part of a product specifically used to provide protection by means of a physical barrier [3.22 of ISO 1 21 00-1 , modified] 3.4 harm physical injury or damage to the health of people or damage to property or the environment [3.3 of ISO/IEC Guide 51 ] 3.5 hazard potential source of harm [3.5 of ISO/IEC Guide 51 ] 3.6 instruction (for use) information by the producer of a product for the safe and efficient use of the product 3.7 instruction material any applicable means for the transfer of information containing instructions 3.8 manual document containing user information, for example instructions 3.9 maintenance combination of all technical and administrative actions intended to retain an item or a product in, or restore it to, a useful and safe condition in which it can perform the required function; this includes supervising actions, reconditioning, repairing, adjusting, and cleaning [IEV 1 91 -07-01 , modified]3.1 0 marking signs or inscriptions for the identification of the type of a component or device attached by the manufacturer of the component or device and for the designation of certain features of the product for its safe use [3.34 of IEC 60204-1 , modified] 3.1 1 modification a) changes carried out on products in order to alter or enlarge their intended use b) revision of the instructions after a modification of a product 3.1 2 protective device safeguard (other than a guard) which reduces risk (for example mechanical trip device, electrosensitive protective equipment, pressure sensitive protective device) [3.23 of ISO 1 21 00-1 ] 3.1 3 repair part of corrective maintenance in which actions are performed on an item including replacement of worn-out parts and reworking of defective or damaged parts or functions [IEV 1 91 -07-1 9, modified] 3.1 4 reasonably foreseeable misuse use of a product, process or service in a way not intended by the supplier, but which may result from readily predictable human behaviour [3.1 4 of ISO/IEC Guide 51 ] 3.1 5 risk combination of the probability of occurrence of harm and the severity of that harm [3.2 of ISO/IEC Guide 51 ] 3.1 6 service set of functions offered to users by supplier’s organization supporting clients with maintenance [IEV 1 91 -01 -04, modified] 3.1 7 skilled person person with relevant education and experience to enable him or her to perceive risks and to avoid hazards which operation or maintenance of a product can create [IEV 1 95-04-01 and 3.52 of IEC 60204-1 , modified]

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