IEC 61892-1 pdf download

IEC 61892-1 pdf download

IEC 61892-1 pdf download.Mobile and fixed offshore units – Electrical installations
1 Scope
This part of IEC 61892 contains provisions for electrical installations in mobile and fixed units used in the offshore petroleum industry for drilling, production, processing and for storage purposes including pipeline, pumping or ‘pigging’ stations, compressor stations and exposed location single buoy moorings. It applies to all installations, whether permanent, temporary, transportable or hand-held, to a.c. installations up to and including 35 000 V and d.c. installations up to and including 1 500 V. This standard does not apply either to fixed equipment for medical purposes or to the electrical installations of tankers. NOTE For medical rooms see IEC 60364-7-710
3 Definitions
For the purposes of this part of IEC 61892 the following definitions apply. NOTE The definitions included in this part are those having general application in the IEC 61892 series. Definitions applying to particular apparatus or equipment are included in the other parts of IEC 61892. 3.1 accessible (as applied to equipment) condition applied to an object or device that can be inadvertently touched or approached nearer than a safe distance by any person. It is applied to objects not suitably guarded or insulated 3.2 accessible (as applied to wiring methods) not concealed 3.3 accessory any device, other than a luminaire (see IEC 61892-3) associated with the wiring and current- using appliances of an installation; for example, a switch, a fuse, a plug, a socket-outlet, a lampholder, or a junction box 3.4 appropriate authority governmental body with whose rules a unit is required to comply 3.5 bond connection of non-current-carrying parts to ensure continuity of electrical connection, or to equalize the potential between parts 3.6 degree of protection of enclosures designation to indicate the degree of protection, consisting of the characteristic letters IP followed by two numerals (the “characteristic numerals”) indicating conformity with the conditions stated in tables 1 and 2 below NOTE The enclosures referred to in the various parts of IEC 61892 are those as defined in IEC 60529. 3.7 distribution board assembly of one or more overcurrent protective devices for the control and distribution of electrical power to final subcircuits 3.8 earth general mass of the metal structure or hull of the unit NOTE In the U.S.A. and Canada “ground” is used instead of “earth”. 3.9 earthed connected to the general mass of the structure or hull of the unit in such a manner as will ensure at all times an immediate discharge of electrical energy without danger 3.10 essential services services essential for the navigation, steering or manoeuvring of the mobile unit, or for the safety of human life, or for special characteristics of the unit (for example special services) 3.11 final subcircuit portion of a wiring system extending beyond the final overcurrent protective device of a board3.12.2 frequency tolerance maximum departure from nominal frequency during normal operation conditions excluding transient and cyclic frequency variations NOTE Frequency tolerance is a steady state tolerance and includes variations caused by loads and governor characteristics. It also includes variations due to environmental conditions. 3.12.3 frequency transient sudden change in frequency which goes outside the frequency tolerance limits and returns to and remains inside these limits within a specified recovery time after initiation of the disturbance (time range: seconds) 3.13 Insulation 3.13.1 basic insulation insulation applied to live parts to provide basic protection against electric shock NOTE Basic insulation does not necessarily include insulation used exclusively for functional purposes. 3.13.2 supplementary insulation independent insulation applied in addition to basic insulation in order to provide protection against electric shock in the event of a failure of basic insulation

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