IEC 60969 pdf download

IEC 60969 pdf download

IEC 60969 pdf download.Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services
1 Scope
This standard specifies the performance requirements together with the test methods and conditions required to show compliance of tubular fluorescent and other gas-discharge lamps with integrated means for controlling starting and stable operation (self-ballasted lamps) intended for domestic and similar general lighting purposes having: – a rated wattage up to 60 W; – a rated voltage of 100 V to 250 V; – Edison screw or bayonet caps. The requirements of this standard relate only to type testing. Recommendations for whole product testing or batch testing are under consideration. These performance requirements are additional to the requirements in IEC 60968.
2 Definitions
2.1 self-ballasted lamp a unit which cannot be dismantled without being permanently damaged, provided with a lamp cap and incorporating a light source and any additional elements necessary for starting and for stable operation of the light source 2.2 type lamps that, independent of the type of cap or base, are identical in photometric and electrical rating 2.3 rated voltage the voltage or voltage range marked on the lamp 2.4 test voltage the voltage at which tests are carried out 2.5 rated wattage the wattage marked on the lamp 2.6 rated frequency the frequency marked on the lamp or declared as such by the manufacturer or responsible vendor 2.7 rated luminous flux the flux marked on the lamp or declared as such by the manufacturer or responsible vendor 2.8 lumen maintenance the luminous flux at a given time in the life of a lamp divided by the initial value of the luminous flux of the lamp and expressed as a percentage of the initial luminous flux 2.9 initial values the photometric and electrical characteristics at the end of the 100 h ageing period 2.10 life (of an individual lamp) the length of time during which a complete lamp operates to burn-out or to any other criterion of life performance laid down in this standard 2.11 average life (life to 50 % failures) the length of time during which 50 % of the lamps reach the end of their individual lives 2.12 rated average life (rated life to 50 % failures) the life declared by the manufacturer or responsible vendor as being the expected time at which 50 % of any large number of lamps reach the end of their individual lives 2.13 colour the colour characteristics of a lamp are defined by the colour appearance and the colour rendition a) The actual colour of the lamp is called colour appearance and is defined in terms of the spectral tristimulus values (colour co-ordinates) according to the recommendations of the CIE. b) The spectral characteristics of the light emitted by the lamp have an effect on the appearance of the objects it illuminates; this effect is called colour rendition. 2.14 rated colour the colour appearance as declared by the manufacturer or responsible vendor, or the colour corresponding to the colour designation marked on the lamp 2.15 starting time the time needed, after the supply voltage is switched on, for the lamp to start fully and remain alight
All tests shall be made in a draught-proof room at an ambient temperature of (25 ± 1) °C and a relative humidity of 65 % maximum. The test voltage shall be stable within ±0,5 %, during stabilization periods, this tolerance being reduced to ±0,2 % at the moment of measurements. For life testing the tolerance is 2 %. The total harmonic content of the supply voltage shall not exceed 3 % 1) . The harmonic content is defined as the r.m.s. summation of the individual harmonic components using the fundamental as 100 %. All tests shall be carried out at rated frequency. Unless otherwise specified for a specific purpose by the manufacturer or responsible vendor, lamps shall be operated in free air in a vertical base-up position for all tests including life tests. Electrical and photometric instruments used shall be selected having a guaranteed accuracy commensurate with the requirements of the test.

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