IEC 60903 pdf download

IEC 60903 pdf download

IEC 60903 pdf download.Live working – Gloves of insulating material
3 Definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. 3.1 composite gloves insulating gloves made with integrated mechanical protection [IEV 651-07-11 modified and definition 8.3.1 of IEC 60743] 3.2 insulating gloves gloves made of elastomer or plastic material, used for the protection of the worker against electrical hazards [IEV 651-07-09 and definition 8.2.3 of IEC 60743] 3.3 long composite gloves composite gloves used to extend the protection of the worker over the arms up to the armpits [Definition 8.3.2 of IEC 60743] 3.4 mitt glove with multiple fingers enclosed in one covering 3.5 bell cuff glove glove with an enlarged shape from the wrist to the cuff in such a way as to facilitate pull-on over a thick garment 3.6 contour glove glove shaped at the upper part of the gauntlet in such a way as to facilitate the bending of the arm 3.7 curved glove glove on which the fingers are slightly bent in a position corresponding to the position the hand forms when while holding an object 3.8 lined glove glove with an inside lining of textile attached to the plastic or to the elastomer 3.9 elastomer generic term that includes rubber, latex and elastomeric compounds that may be natural or synthetic or a mixture or a combination of both [Definition 2.4.3 of IEC 60743] 3.10 plastic material which contains, as an essential ingredient, a high polymer and which at some stage in its processing into finished products can be shaped by flow NOTE 1 Elastomeric materials which are also shaped by flow, are not considered as plastics. NOTE 2 In some countries, particularly in the United Kingdom, it is a permitted option to use the term “plastics” as the singular form as well as the plural form. [ISO 472 and definition 2.4.4 of IEC 60743] 3.11 cuff open part of a glove above the gauntlet 3.12 cuff roll roll or reinforced edge of a glove at the cuff 3.13 fork part of glove at the junction of two fingers, or finger and thumb 3.14 gauntlet part of a glove from the wrist to the open part of the glove 3.15 palm part of glove covering the face of the central inside hand 3.16 wrist the narrowest part of the glove above the cuff3.17 disruptive discharge passage of an arc following dielectric breakdown NOTE 1 The term “sparkover” (in French “amorçage”) is used when a disruptive discharge occurs in a gaseous or liquid dielectric. NOTE 2 The term “flashover” (in French “contournement”) is used when a disruptive discharge occurs at least partly along the surface of a solid dielectric surrounded by a gaseous or liquid medium. NOTE 3 The term “puncture” (in French “perforation”) is used when a disruptive discharge occurs through a solid dielectric producing permanent damage. [IEV 651-01-18 and definition 2.7.7 of IEC 60743, modified] 3.18 nominal voltage (of a system) suitable approximate value of voltage used to designate or identify a system [IEV 601-01-21] 3.19 proof test voltage specified voltage that is applied to a device for the time defined under specified conditions to assure that the electrical strength of the insulation is above a specified value 3.20 withstand test voltage voltage that the device withstands without disruptive discharge, or other electric failure when voltage is applied under specified conditions 3.21 acceptance test contractual test to prove to the customer that the device meets certain conditions of its specification [IEV 151-16-23, modified] 3.22 routine test test to which each individual device is subjected during or after manufacture to ascertain whether it complies with certain criteria 3.23 sampling test test on a number of devices taken at random from a batch 3.24 type test test on one or more devices made to a certain design to show that the design meets certain specifications

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