IEC 60519-6 pdf download

IEC 60519-6 pdf download

IEC 60519-6 pdf download.Safety in electroheat installations
1 Scope
This part of IEC 60519 is applicable to equipment using microwave energy alone or in combination with other kinds of energy for industrial heating of materials. This part is applicable to industrial microwave heating equipment operating in the frequency range 300 MHz to 300 GHz. This part does not apply to appliances for household and similar purposes (covered by IEC 60335-2-25 and IEC 60335-2-90).
3 Definitions
For the purpose of this part of IEC 60519, the terms given in IEC 60519-1, IEC 60050(841) as well as the following apply. 3.1 microwave energy generator generator of electromagnetic energy in the frequency range 300 MHz to 300 GHz 3.2 microwave heating equipment assembly of electrical and mechanical devices intended for the transfer of microwave energy to the material to be treated and comprising in general power supplies, generators, applicators, interconnecting cables and wave guides, control circuitry, means for transporting the material and ventilation equipment [IEV 841-07-06, modified] 3.3 material to be treated substance to be heated by the microwave heating equipment 3.4 microwave leakage superficial power density of microwave radiation escaping from the microwave heating equipment 3.5 applicator that portion of the equipment in which the material to be treated is exposed to microwave energy [IEV 841-07-04, modified] 3.6 means of access all structural features of the applicator which can be opened or removed without the use of a tool to provide access to the interior of the applicator 3.7 door all structural features of any part of the equipment which can be opened or removed without the use of tool for provision access, other than to the applicator 3.8 cover structural feature of any part of the equipment which can be opened or removed by the use of a tool to provide access for routine maintenance, service, replacement of expendable parts, etc. 3.9 entrance or exit port permanent aperture of the applicator of continuously fed equipment through which the material to be treated passes on entrance or exit from the applicator 3.10 accessible location point accessible to human contact except the interior of entrance and exit ports NOTE Internal Points of the external surface of an entrance or exit port are deemed inaccessible. 3.11 microwave interlock mechanical or electrical safety device or system, the function of which is to prohibit one class of events if another class of condition does not exists NOTE 1 For example, an interlock prohibits the operation of a microwave generator, if the means of access to the applicator are not closed.
4 Marking and identification
The identification plate fixed on each microwave heating equipment shall contain the following data: − manufacturer’s name, − date of manufacture, − model and serial number of the device, − the microwave warning sign, − rated input voltage and frequency, − rated apparent input power (in kVA), − maximum voltage within the generator, microwave frequency and maximum power output of the microwave generator in compliance with IEC 61307, − information regarding classes and groups according to CISPR 11. In addition, it shall be stated that the system is for industrial use only. NOTE For labelling provisions, see IEC 60519-1. The instructions for use shall also give the type of generator and the complete address of the manufacturer.
5 Protection against electric shock
Microwave heating equipment shall be designed, constructed and operated to provide adequate protection against the hazard of electric shock. Such equipment shall comply with the relevant provisions of IEC 60519-1. It shall be noted that the provisions of IEC 60519-1 do not apply to the microwave frequency parts of the circuit.

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