API SPEC 5D pdf download

API SPEC 5D pdf download

API SPEC 5D pdf download.Specification for Drill Pipe
1 Scope
1.1 COVERAGE 1.1.1 This speciÞcation covers Group 1 and Group 3 drill pipe as described below in the designations and wall thick- nesses as shown in the standards list, Table 1, and in the dimen- sional tables (Table 7 and Table 8). The requirements of this speciÞcation apply to both Groups unless speciÞcally noted. Group 1ÑGrade E drill pipe. Group 3ÑAll high strength grades of drill pipe. 1.1.2 In the dimensional tables herein, pipe is designated by outside diameter size. The outside diameter size of exter- nal-upset pipe is the outside diameter of the body of the drill pipe, not the upset portion. 1.2 RETENTION OF RECORDS Tests and inspections requiring retention of records in this speciÞcation are shown in Table 2. Such records shall be retained by the manufacturer and shall be available to the pur- chaser on request for a 3-year period after the date of pur- chase from the manufacturer.1.3 TESTING EQUIPMENT If test equipment, whose calibration or veriPcation is required under the provisions of the speciPcation, is subjected to unusual or severe conditions such as would make its accu- racy questionable, recalibration or reveriPcation shall be per- formed before further use of the equipment. 1.4 SPECIAL PROCESSES Special Processes are the Pnal operations which are per- formed during pipe manufacturing that affect attribute compli- ance required in this document (except chemistry and dimensions). The applicable special processes are heat treat- ment, nondestructive testing, and, if applicable, cold Pnishing. 1.5 CERTIFICATION 1.5.1 The manufacturer shall, upon request by the pur- chaser, furnish to the purchaser a certiPcate of compliance stating that the material has been manufactured, sampled, tested, and inspected in accordance with this speciPcation and has been found to meet the requirements 1.5.2 A Material Test Report, CertiPcate of Compliance, or similar document printed from or used in electronic form from an electronic data interchange (EDI) transmission shall be regarded as having the same validity as a counterpart printed in the certiPerOs facility. The content of the EDI trans- mitted document must meet the requirements of this speciP- cation and conform to any existing EDI agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. 1.5.3 Where additional information is required, including the results of mechanical testing, SR15 shall be speciPed in the purchaser order.
2 References
2.1 GENERAL This speciPcation includes by reference, either in total or in part, other API, industry, and government standards listed in Table 2. 2.2 REQUIREMENTS Requirements of other standards included by reference in this speciPcation are essential to the safety and interchange- ability of the equipment produced. 2.3 EQUIVALENT STANDARDS Other nationally or internationally recognized standards shall be submitted to and approved by API for inclusion in this speciPcation prior to their use as equivalent standards. 2.4 REFERENCED STANDARDS Unless otherwise speciPed, the most recent editions or revi- sions of the following standards, codes, and speciPcations shall, to the extent speciPed herein, form a part of this standard.
3 Definitions
For the purposes of this speciPcation, the following dePni- tions apply: 3.1 carload: The quantity of pipe loaded on a rail car for shipment from the pipe-making facilities. 3.2 defect: An imperfection of sufPcient magnitude to warrant rejection of the product based on the stipulations of this speciPcation. 3.3 elephant hide: The wrinkled outside diameter sur- faces of the pipe caused by the upsetting of end areas exposed to forging temperatures. 3.4 heat: The metal produced by a single cycle of a batch melting process. 3.5 heat analysis: The chemical analysis representative of a heat as reported by the metal producer. 3.6 imperfection: A discontinuity or irregularity in the product detected by methods outlined in this speciPcation. 3.7 inspection: The process of measuring, examining, testing, gauging, or otherwise comparing the unit of product with the applicable requirements. 3.8 inspection lot: A dePnite quantity of product manu- factured under conditions that are considered uniform for the attribute to be inspected. 3.9 inspection lot sample: One or more units of product selected from an inspection lot to represent that inspection lot. 3.10 inspection lot size: The number of units in an inspection lot.

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