API SPEC 15HR pdf download

API SPEC 15HR pdf download

API SPEC 15HR pdf download.Specification for High Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe
5.3.1 General Pipe shall be furnished as specified in the purchase order, with any of the following end finishes. a. Threaded and Coupled. b. Threaded Ends Without Couplings. c. Integral Joints. d. Alternate Pipe Thread. 5.3.2 Standard Thread Design a. Pipe threads shall conform to API Standard 5B Threading, Gaging and Thread Inspection of Casing, Tubing and Line Pipe. Threads, with the thread dimensions in Table 2.6a, Exter- nal Upset Tubing Long Thread Dimension for Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Tubing, and Table 2.3, Casing Long- Thread Dimensions. For the purpose of this specification, lengths L 2 and L 4 , in API Standard 5B, Table 2.6a and Table 2.3 shall be minimum dimensions. Any extra threads shall be added to the tube side of the thread. b. Thread tolerances will be defined in API Standard 5B, Table 2.10, Tolerances in Linepipe Thread and Casing and Tubing Round Thread Dimensions. c. Round threads shall have a fully rounded thread root and crest as conceptually illustrated in API Standard 5B, Figure 2.4, Casing and Tubing Round Thread Form. For 8 round threads, thread root radius shall be 0.017 in. ± 0.0015 in. Thread crest radius shall be 0.020 in. ± 0.0015 in. For 10 round threads, thread root radius shall be 0.014 in. ± 0.0015 in. Thread crest radius shall be 0.017 in. ± 0.0015 in. d. Threads for the 10-inch size only shall be per API Stan- dard 5B, Table 6, Casing Short–Thread Dimensions. 5.3.3 Alternate Pipe Connections Alternate connections shall be allowed and shall be identi- fied by the letters A.C. following the “15HR” or API mono- gram marking. Alternate pipe connections shall meet the performance requirements of this specification.
5.4.1 Requalification Tests for Pipe and Prime Connection Changes as described in Appendix A for previously quali- fied systems shall require the following minimum tests: The long-term static LTHS shall be verified at 150°F, or higher temperature if so rated, after any changes as described in Appendix A by conducting the abridged ASTM D 2992 Procedure B (free-end) test as described in Section 12 of ASTM D2992. Test samples shall be assembled by the manu- facturer’s documented make-up procedure. Test samples shall be a size no smaller than 2 in. nominal diameter. The same outside diameter to reinforced wall ratio (D/t) constraints as in 5.1.1 shall apply for requalification. 5.4.2 Requalification Tests for Other Components The requalification tests of 5.1.2, 5.1.3 and 5.1.4 shall be repeated after any change as described in Appendix A.
7 Quality Program
7.1 QUALITY MANUAL The manufacturer shall maintain a quality manual. All prior revisions shall be retained for a period of not less than 5 years. 7.2 PROCESS CONTROL REQUIREMENTS Manufacturer shall institute and maintain a process docu- mentation program to assure communication of approved manufacturing procedures to qualified receiving, manufactur- ing and quality control personnel and their respective supervi- sory personnel to include the following functions: a. Raw material acceptance. b. Allowable mixing procedure(s). c. Fabrication practice(s). d. Cure procedure(s). It shall be the responsibility of the manufacturing company to maintain copies of the document for a minimum of 5 years from the date the manufacturing of the product is discontin- ued. 7.3 QUALITY CONTROL EQUIPMENT 7.3.1 General Equipment used to inspect, test or examine material or other equipment shall be identified, controlled, calibrated and adjusted at specified intervals in accordance with documented manufacturer instructions, and consistent with referenced industry standards to maintain the accuracy required by this specification. 7.3.2 Dimensional Measuring Equipment Dimensional measuring equipment shall be controlled and calibrated by the manufacturer’s written specification. 7.3.3 Pressure Measuring Devices a. Test pressure measuring devices shall be either pressure gages or pressure transducers and shall be accurate to 2.0% of full scale range or less. b. The manufacturer shall own or have access to a dead weight testing device. c. All pressure measuring devices shall be calibrated once every 6 months to maintain the required accuracy or cali- brated when subjected to unusual or severe conditions, such as, would render its accuracy questionable.

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