API RP 13L pdf download

API RP 13L pdf download

API RP 13L pdf download.Recommended Practice for Training and Qualification of Drilling Fluid Technologists
1 Scope
This standard is a written summary of basic training and knowledge that an employee or contractor shall possess to be identiÞed as a drilling ßuids technologist. Levels of under- standing have been generally outlined, but not totally deÞned.
4 Principle
This document is a recommended practice (RP) and seeks to formalize the speciÞc knowledge base, professional skills, and application skills needed to ensure the competency and professionalism of individuals working in the drilling ßuids industry. Drilling ßuids technologists should use this RP as an outline to self-determine any gaps in learning and seek to improve their skills. A company contracting the service of a drilling ßuids technologist should use this recommended practice as a checklist of knowledge that a technologist should be able to demonstrate proÞciency in applying.
5 Procedure
5.1 ORIGINS OF DISCIPLINES AND SUB- DISCIPLINES The drilling ßuids disciplines and sub-disciplines were developed from a review of the typical curricula followed by drilling ßuids service companies in their basic mud school. The topics as listed in Appendix A were used as a framework for developing the guidelines that form the normative portion of this standard. Each sub-discipline was divided into appro- priate tasks and those tasks were assigned breath of knowl- edge statements needed to obtain minimum competency. The drilling ßuid technologist discipline is broken into six sub- disciplines and each sub-discipline is described by tasks and speciÞc skills to demonstrate proÞciency and knowledge in that task. For ease of reading, the tasks and skill set are placed in a table format. 5.2 BASIC INDUSTRY STANDARDS USED FOR GENERIC INFORMATION API Spec 13A and ISO 13500, Specifications for Drilling Fluid Materials, provide speciÞcations for drilling ßuid mate- rial. Two documents cover the Þeld testing procedures for tests included on the drilling mud report form. These are API RP 13B-1 or ISO 10414-1, Standard Procedure for Field Testing of Water-based Drilling Fluids , and API RP 13B-2 or ISO 10414, Standard Procedure for Field Testing of Oil- based Drilling Fluids.
This document was produced under API standardization procedures that ensure appropri- ate notiÞcation and participation in the developmental process and is designated as an API standard. Questions concerning the interpretation of the content of this standard or com- ments and questions concerning the procedures under which this standard was developed should be directed in writing to the standardization manager, American Petroleum Institute, 1220 L Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005. Requests for permission to reproduce or translate all or any part of the material published herein should also be addressed to the gen- eral manager. API standards are published to facilitate the broad availability of proven, sound engineer- ing and operating practices. These standards are not intended to obviate the need for apply- ing sound engineering judgment regarding when and where these standards should be utilized. The formulation and publication of API standards is not intended in any way to inhibit anyone from using any other practices. Any manufacturer marking equipment or materials in conformance with the marking requirements of an API standard is solely responsible for complying with all the applicable requirements of that standard. API does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that such prod- ucts do in fact conform to the applicable API standard.

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