API IP Spec 1583 pdf download

API IP Spec 1583 pdf download

This publication covers the recommended minimum performance and mechanical specifications for filter monitor equipment and the recommended testing and qualification procedures. This publication refers specifically to the use of elements of 50 mm (2 inch) and 150 mm (6 inch) nominal diameters. The specifications do not cover trigger type monitor elements. The specifications do not cover the operation and performance of this type of equipment in fuels containing Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII). This fuel additive is unique and makes unusually difficult demands on filtration and water separation/removal devices. Operators using such additives in aviation fuels are recommended to ensure for themselves the performance capabilities of filtration equipment by contacting the filter manufacturer for such information. Note 1: Performance testing of elements of different nominal diameters is outside the scope of this specification. However the test principles described in this document may be adapted to apply to such elements and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to adjust test parameters accordingly. Note 2: The document uses S.I. units throughout except where there is no practical conversion equivalent. Where appropriate, alternative units in common usage are given in brackets. Section 4.7 lists the unit conversion factors used in this specification.
2.2.1 General Element qualification shall be achieved by testing the product(s) in accordance with the protocols contained within this publication. Test rig and materials requirements are described in section 4.1. Test protocols are described in section 2.2.5. Qualification requirements With the exception of the Compatibility Tests, Run 11, (section all of the mandatory single element tests shall be carried out three times. However the witness need only see one set of tests provided the results of the single test do not vary from any one of the previous tests by more than the difference between those previous tests. The results of these shall be provided before the witnessing activity. In the event that this condition is not met the particular test run shall be conducted a further two times. Analytical testing All analytical tests shall be carried out in accordance with the latest edition of the relevant ASTM or IP Test Methods. Element requirements For 50 mm (2 inch) nominal diameter elements, the maximum length of element from the manufacturer’s range shall be tested. See section 4.2 for the qualification of other lengths of element by similarity. For 150 mm (6 inch) nominal diameter elements, the length of the test element will depend on the range of lengths required to qualify by similarity (see section 4.2). Both nominal and effective lengths and the nominal flow rate and flow rate per effective media length shall be quoted in all qualification test documents. In the event of an element type being produced in both screw-based and open-ended formats, the longest manufactured length of the screw-based element shall be submitted for the structural tests. The open-ended format will then be covered by the screw-based qualification. Test schedule A schedule of the tests required is given in section 4.5. 2.2.2 Witnessing In reporting the results of the following tests, all data arising from witnessed tests shall be included. Any test failures or anomalous results shall be investigated with the witness(es). The report shall indicate the nature of the problem that occurred and the solution adopted. The wording describing the anomaly shall be agreed upon with the test witness(es). The list of witnesses to the tests shall indicate the dates and specific tests at which each witness was present.

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