API 2540 pdf download

API 2540 pdf download

API 2540 pdf download.API2540 Liquid Volume Correction User Program (ROC300-Series and FloBoss™ 407 Flow Managers) (ROCLINK™ for DOS Configuration Software)
1.1 Scope of this Manual
This document serves as a user manual for the API2540 Liquid Volume Correction User Program (QER 03Q008), intended for use with the ROC300-series of Remote Operation Controllers (ROCs) with a FlashPAC, version 2.12 or greater, and FloBoss™ 407 Flow Manager, version 1.08 or greater. This manual describes how to download, configure, and monitor the program. The user program is accessed using ROCLINK™ for DOS configuration software version 2.23. The configuration software uses an IBM-compatible computer and Windows ® Operating System. For information on use of the API2540 program with ROCLINK 800 configuration software, refer to user manual Form A6167.
1.2 Organization of this Manual
In this manual, the sections are arranged to provide information in the order in which it is required for first-time users. Once you become familiar with the procedures, and the software is running in a ROC or FloBoss 407, use the manual as a reference tool. The manual is organized into the following major sections: Section 1 Getting Started Section 2 Installing the User Program Section 3 Configuring the User Program Appendix A Standards Appendix B Domain Violations Appendix C Engineering Units This manual assumes that the user is familiar with the ROC300-series and FloBoss 407 units and their configuration. For additional information, refer to the: ◆Type ROC306/ROC3I2 Remote Operations Controller Instruction Manual (Form A4630). ◆Type ROC364 Remote Operations Controller Instruction Mamual (Form A4193). ◆FloBoss 407 Flow Manager Instruction Manual (Form A6013). ◆RL10l ROCLINK Configuration Software User Mamual (Form A6051). 义NOTE: “ROC” is used in this manual to stand for all ROC and FloBoss devices.
1.3 APl2540 Liquid Volume Correction User Program Overview
The Liquid Correction Program is designed for the ROC300-series units equipped with FlashPACs and the FloBoss 407. The Liquid Correction Program corrects the measured flow of crude oils, oil generalized products, LPG, and water by converting values to standard temperature and pressure levels. The Liquid Correction Program monitors the current flow rate, temperature, and pressure, and to calculate a corrected flow value for standard conditions based upon density value, sediment, and water percent value, vapor pressure, and the meter slippage factor. The Liquid Correction Program accumulates the volume of the flowing fluid and can be configured to perform calculations for up to three different flows in the ROC306 and ROC312, five flows in the ROC364, or four flows in the FloBoss 407. The Liquid Correction Program tracks two accumulated volumes for each flow. One accumulation is the volume since contract hour or last manual reset and the second accumulation is a running total that rolls over at 9,999,999. At contract hour or manual reset, flow and minutes today are transferred to flow and minutes yesterday.
1.4 Domain Limitations Handling
The Liquid Correction Program application domain is limited, by API standards, to correcting the flow of densities, pressures, and temperatures within a custody transfer degree of accuracy. The domain borders vary according to the product class and parameter values. The calculation automatically adjusts the Liquid Type between LPG and Crude Oil if the input density fluxuates Whenever a domain violation occurs, an error message displays and stored in the Event Log, with the ERR tag, the Domain Limit as “old value”, and the Current Value of the parameter. When the violation clears, “No Error” displays and a clear event is logged with the CLR tag. A real-time stamp is appended to each event. In error mode, calculations use the closest domain formulas.

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