AS 4428.3 pdf download

AS 4428.3 pdf download

AS 4428.3 pdf download.Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems — Control and indicating equipment
1.1  Scope
This Standard specifies requirements and performance criteria for a fire brigade panel (FBP) to be integrated with or designed to be a non-integrated unit for use with fire detection control and indicating equipment in accordance with AS 7240.2.
1.2  Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document: AS 7240.2, Fire detection and alarm systems, Part 2: Fire detection control and indicating equipment (ISO 7240‑2:2017, MOD) AS 7240.4, Fire detection and alarm systems, Part 4: Power supply equipment (ISO 7240‑4:2017, MOD) AS ISO 7240.1, Fire detection and alarm systems, Part 1: General and definitions
1.3  Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this document, the definitions given in AS ISO 7240.1 and those below apply. 1.3.1 fire alarm devices audible, visual or other sensory occupant warning device 1.3.2 integrated fire brigade panel fire brigade panel (FBP) where manual controls and indicators are shared with the FDCIE 1.3.3 non-integrated fire brigade panel fire brigade panel (FBP) constructed as a separate unit that provides all the required functions, controls and indications 1.3.4 FBP frame visible line enclosing FBP indicators and controls 1.3.5 may indicates the existence of an option 1.3.6 non-addressable zone zone consisting of points which are not individually identified at the FDCIE Note 1 to entry: Previously known as collective or conventional.
2.1  General
FBPs shall meet the requirements of this Section, and the requirements and tests set out in AS 7240.2. The requirements in this Section shall be verified by visual inspection or engineering assessment as appropriate. In addition, the following shall apply: (a) The indicators and controls shall be enclosed within an FBP frame as shown in Figures 2.1 or 2.3. (b) No other indicators and controls shall be within the FBP frame except as detailed in this Standard. Functions and indications on the FBP and FDCIE shall be consistent so that contradicting information does not occur.
2.2  Indicators and controls
2.2.1  General Controls and indicators shall be provided and labelled in accordance with Table 2.1. Non-addressable fire detection zones in alarm shall be indicated by means of a separate light-emitting indicator for each zone or on an alphanumeric display, or both. Addressable points in alarm shall be individually indicated on an alphanumeric display. Labelling may be in upper case, lower case, or any combination thereof. 2.2.2  General fire alarm indicator A general fire alarm condition shall be indicated without prior manual intervention by means of the separate light-emitting indicator a. The general fire alarm indicator a shall be labelled “FIRE”. 2.2.3  FBP using alphanumeric alarm display The following shall apply to indicators and controls of an FBP using an alphanumeric display: (a) No other indicators within the FBP frame shall be above or to the left of the general fire alarm indicator, except for display b. (b) Indicators and controls shall be wholly within equally sized fields as specified in Table 2.1 and in accordance with Figure 2.2. NOTE 1  Where several fields are permitted, the indicators and controls may be placed across all listed fields. The labelling shall be clearly associated with the indicators and controls, but need not be wholly within the fields specified in Table 2.1.NOTE 2  Figure 2.1(a) and (b) shows examples of the layout of controls and indicators on an FBP. (c) Fire detection zones and addressable points in alarm and their location descriptor shall be shown in display b. The total number of alarm events shall be indicated.

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