AS 4428.16 pdf download

AS 4428.16 pdf download

AS 4428.16 pdf download.Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems — Control and indicating equipment
1  Scope
This Standard specifies requirements, test methods and performance criteria for emergency warning control and indicating equipment (EWCIE) as the main component of an emergency warning system (EWS). This Standard covers three Grades of EWCIE to suit different risks and regulatory requirements. The additional requirements for each Grade are set out in Appendix A. NOTE 1  The EWS provides information to warn occupants within one, or more, emergency zones, to effect appropriate action in indoor or outdoor environments. This includes the use of loudspeakers to broadcast emergency announcements, alert signals in accordance with ISO 7731, and evacuate signals in accordance with ISO 8201, and may include visual and tactile warning devices. NOTE 2  Installation requirements, use of emergency warning signals, use of visual and tactile warning device, audibility and intelligibility, are given in AS 1670.1 and AS 1670.4.
3  Terms and definitions
3.1  Definitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions and those in in AS ISO 7240.1 apply. 3.1.1 adjacent side by side but not necessarily touching 3.1.2 automatic mode mode in which the emergency warning system (EWS) broadcasts emergency warning signal(s) when triggered by alarm signals received from an emergency detection system (EDS) in accordance with the site-specific configuration for a site 3.1.3 control and indicating equipment CIE combined CIEs CIEs sharing a common cabinet integrated CIEs CIE using one or more common hardware components and shared firmware with other CIE 3.1.4 emergency microphone microphone to broadcast live speech to emergency zones, overriding any other emergency warning signals or non-emergency microphone in operation or any other non-emergency audio signal 3.1.5 emergency microphone control manual control to open the emergency microphone audio channel Note 1 to entry: Also known as press-to-talk (PTT) control. 3.1.6 emergency warning condition emergency warning signal broadcast to at least one emergency zone 3.1.7 emergency warning signal alert or evacuate signal with or without pre-recorded speech message, or live speech 3.1.8 emergency zone whole or a part of the site where an emergency warning signal is broadcast separately 3.1.9 functional condition condition of the EWCIE described in this Standard Note 1 to entry: The functional conditions described in this Standard are quiescent, emergency, fault warning, disabled and test conditions. 3.1.10 manual mode mode allowing manual control of emergency warning signals
4  General requirements
4.1  General Optional functions are specified as mandatory, optional or excluded [not acceptable] according to the Grade of EWCIE as given in Appendix A. Functions not specified in this Standard, where included, shall have no effect on the mandatory functions specified in this Standard. 4.2  Combined CIE Only CIE conforming to a part of the AS 4428 or AS/ISO 7240 series shall share a common cabinet. Multiple cabinets fixed together shall be considered a common cabinet for the purpose of this Clause. When the EWCIE and other CIE conforming to AS 4428.3, AS 4428.4, or AS 7240.2 are in the same cabinet, they may share common indicators, manual controls and outputs provided — (a) a single fault in another CIE does not adversely affect the mandatory functions of more than one emergency zone of the EWS; and (b) indication(s) and manual control(s) associated with the EWCIE, which are dedicated to the fault warning function, are clearly identifiable. (c) the common indicators, manual controls and output are limited to those listed in Appendix B. NOTE  Refer to AS 4428.4 for requirements of EICIE and its related field devices where EICIE is combined with EWCIE.4.3  Integrated CIE Where the EICIE is integrated with the EWCIE to form part of an emergency warning and intercom system, the EWCIE and the EICIE conforming to AS 4428.4 may share hardware and firmware. Where EWCIE and EICIE are integrated they shall be tested and meet the respective requirements of both AS 4428.16 and AS 4428.4. In such a case there shall be only one common means of selecting the access level. EWCIE and FDCIE shall not share common hardware and firmware except for Grade 3 EWCIE.

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