AS 3564.1 pdf download

AS 3564.1 pdf download

AS 3564.1 pdf download.Automotive repairs — Terminology
1 Scope
This Standard establishes a nomenclature for the repair and servicing of automatic transmissions in the automotive repair industry.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. 3.1 automatic transmission transmission, including the torque converter, in which ratio changes are affected automatically using hydraulics or electronically, including – a] Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG); (b) Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT); and [C) Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 3.2 flush process of cleaning a component with no external access 3.3. shall indicates that a statement is mandatory 3.4 should indicates a recommendation 3.5 transmission device for transmitting power at multiplicity of speeds and torque ratios
4 Terminology relating to automatic transmissions
4.1 Exchange or re-manufacture of automatic transmission The words“exchange” or“re-manufacture”, where used in relation to an automatic transmission unit, shall mean that the unit in the vehicle is not the unit that was formerly in the vehicle, but is the identical model and correctly calibrated to suit the vehicle into which it has been fitted. Where either of the words is used, it shall be accompanied by an indication of the state of the unit, i.e. reconditioned, repaired, or used unit of unknown quality. Where applicable, general fitting checks shall be carried out on completion of an exchange or re- manufacture of an automatic transmission, in accordance with Appendix A. 4.2 Reconditioning of automatic transmission The word “reconditioned” and its synonyms (e.g. “rebuilt”,“overhauled”) shall mean that, subsequent to the last use of that transmission in a vehicle, the following work has been completed on the unit: (a) All internal and external parts, including case, housing and electronic components have been dismantled, cleaned, and inspected. (b) Torque converter or fluid coupling has been split, cleaned and inspected. [c) Valve body has been dismantled, cleaned and inspected. [d) All the following have been replaced by new parts: [i) Friction plates and bands. (i) Internal and external seals. (ii) Sealing rings. (iv) Gaskets. (V) Filters. (vi) Vacuum hoses. [e) All impaired, defective, or worn parts have been restored or replaced by new, reconditioned, or unimpaired parts, with all measuring and adjusting of such parts performed to manufacturer’s specifications. . [f) Where present, vacuum modulator, all internal electrical and electronic components fitted directly to the transmission have been cleaned and tested in accordance with manufacturer’s . specifications or replaced as required. (g) Make and model of the transmission and date of transaction have been recorded. 4.3 Removing and refitting of automatic transmission The words “removed” or “refitted”, where used in relation to an automatic transmission, shall mean that the removal or installation of the transmission has been carried out in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, including一 (a] flushing of the cooler and cooler lines to provide correct flow; (b) checking, scanning and reprogramming to manufacturer’s specifications; and [C) recording of the date of transaction and make and model of the refitted unit. 4.4 Repair The word “repair”, where used in relation to an automatic transmission, shall mean that, subsequent to the last use of that automatic transmission unit in a vehicle, the following work has been completed on the unit: (a] A specific rectification of a limited nature has been carried out. (b) Date of transaction and odometer reading have been recorded. [C) General fitting checks have been carried out (see Appendix A).

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