AS 1571 pdf download

AS 1571 pdf download

AS 1571 pdf download.Copper — Seamless tubes for air- conditioning and refrigeration
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. . 3.1 coil annealed copper tube supplied in a coiled form EXAMPLE Pancake coil, wound pack, or pair coil. 3.2 may indicates the existence of an option 3.3 mean outside diameter half the sum of two outside diameter measurements taken at right angles to each other on one cross- section of the tube 3.4 shall indicates that a statement is mandatory  4.2 Temper A designation comprising 0 (annealed), 1/2 H or H (hard drawn) shall be used to signify the temper of the alloy. 4.3 Dimension Two numbers separated by a multiplication sign shall be used to indicate outside diameter and wall thickness. EXAMPLE AS 1571- 1/2H 12.70 x 0.91
5 Form, temper and end sealing of tubes
5.1 Form Tubes shall be supplied in straight lengths or coils. 5.2 Temper Tubes in coil form shall be supplied as 0 temper. Tubes in straight lengths shall be supplied as 0, 1/2H or H temper. The following letters and numbers are used to indicate the condition of the temper: [a) 0 temper一fully softened condition (annealed). (b) 1/2H temper – intermediate temper (half hard). This temper is only applicable to tubes having nominal outside diameters up to 54 mm. [C) H temper一as drawn (hard). NOTE Other tempers and forms may be supplied. 5.3 End sealing Tubes shall be either capped, plugged, crimped or otherwise packaged in order to maintain internal cleanness under normal conditions of handling and storage.
6 Chemical composition
Tubes shall conform to the chemical composition requirements given in Table 1. The chemical composition shall be determined by recognized chemical analysis methods of sufficient accuracy and reproducibility to meet the requirements of Table 1.
7 Freedom from defects
The finished tube shall be clean, smooth and free from defects detrimental to its subsequent processing and end use. The internal surface shall have a clean and bright appearance. If, after acceptance of the tube, subsequent processing reveals that it contains manufacturing defects found to be detrimental, the tube shall be deemed not to conform to this document. NOTE Defects referred to in this Clause cannot be completely quantified. Where the presence, size or frequency of any defect is considered to be of concern, an agreement should be made between the purchaser and the manufacturer. This agreement may be achieved by acceptable ty pe samples or methods of test.
8 Dimensions and tolerances
8.1 General Tubes shall conform to the manufacturing tolerances specified in Clause 8.2. The selection of the appropriate diameter and wall thickness combination for the working pressure of pipes shall conform to the design criteria specified in AS 4041. NOTE 1 AS 4041 sets out minimum requirements for the materials, design, fabrication, testing, inspection, reports and pre-commissioning of piping subject to internal pressure and applies to pipes carrying refrigerants. NOTE 2 Appendix B shows the safe working pressure calculation and the design tensile stress at various operating temperatures for copper. NOTE3 A list of commonly available products is shown in Appendix C. 8.2 Manufacturing tolerances 8.2.1 Mean outside diameter For tubes in all tempers either coiled or in straight lengths, the mean outside diameter shall not vary from the specified diameter by more than the tolerances specified in Table 2. 8.2.2 Out-of-roundness For tubes in 1/2H and H temper supplied in straight lengths, the outside diameter at any point shall not vary from the mean diameter by more than 1 %. 8.2.3 Thickness The thickness of tubes at any point shall not vary from the specified thickness by more than土10 %. The minimum nominal wall thickness of any refrigeration tube shall be not less than 0.8 mm when being joined by flared fittings. NOTE The minimum wall thickness allows for thinning of the wall during flaring and minor damage that may occur during installation and handling. 8.2.4 Length Tubes ordered to a specified length shall not vary from that length by more than the amount of tolerance specified in Table 3.

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